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About VADER Online

Welcome to VADER Online, Virginia Attorneys’ Divorce Electronic Reference, the electronic compendium of child and spousal support, equitable distribution and other divorce-related forms for the Virginia family law practitioner. The child support worksheets in VADER calculate child support in accordance with Virginia child support guidelines (Va. Code §20-108.2), and applicable case law. In addition, the VADER support worksheets calculate spousal support pursuant to Va. Code §16.1-278.17. Also included are expense and income worksheets, an additional factors worksheet, a worksheet for calculating arrears, for tracking medical or other extraordinary expenses and one for calculating the value of exemptions and tax credits to each of the divorcing parties.

The Equitable Distribution module, EDForms, contains a comprehensive set of property and debt schedules, for organizing and presenting an E.D. case, complemented by sets of worksheets for calculating the separate and marital interests of the divorcing parties, using the source-of-funds (Brandenburg) rule.

VADER includes case tracking worksheets required for use in various local jurisdictions. These worksheets calculate for you all of the applicable dates for discovery cutoff and pre-trial procedures. If your jurisdiction has such a worksheet need, please let us know.

VADER provides a set of model orders compatible with the current Virginia statutory requirements effective July 1, 2012. These orders contain all of the required notice, information and substantive elements so as to comply with Virginia statutes. They are useful statewide and do not contain any city/county identifying information. VADER continues to provide model text from various jurisdictions, Sensei offers these proposed orders as approved by the jurisdictions from whence they came (mostly unchanged by us); e.g. the Domestic Relations Trial Manual from the Ninth Circuit, model proffers from the greater Richmond area, Judicial Circuits 12, 13 and 14, and model discovery from Fairfax.

Sensei Enterprises, Inc. has expended much effort to provide you with a quality product that satisfies many of the needs of domestic relations attorneys in Virginia. If your jurisdiction has some additional model text or forms, we will be pleased to consider including it with VADER.

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